Respiratory Services

Coastal Medical offers a full range of respiratory services, from the simplest nebulizer to the most complex high-tech ventilation. Coastal Medical offers respiratory products and services every single day of the year. If an emergency is to occur, you can rely on our 24-hour on call clinical support to address every patient individually.

Here at Coastal Medical we offer not just one home therapy system but multiple options of oxygen therapy home care systems. This includes concentrators and compressed gas systems. Each system has pros and cons. Our highly skilled team of registered respiratory therapists will assess each patient individually to provide assistance in determining which system best fits that particular patient’s level of activity and lifestyle.

Coastal Medical continuously monitors how well each respiratory patient follows the prescribed course of oxygen therapy. Ensuring compliance with liter flow and hours of use. Continuously monitoring patient compliance will improve the patient’s quality of life and will make sure the patient receives the maximum benefit from the prescribed therapy.

Support services we offer our oxygen patients include:

  • 24-hour on call clinical support

  • Quick response times to after hours calls…response time to after hours calls are 15 minutes

  • Respiratory care practitioners evaluate all new oxygen patients and create new care plans within days of initial delivery

  • Access to community-based respiratory care practitioners (RCPs)

  • Ongoing patient compliance reports and quality care planning are faxed to the physician to assist in their care plan

  • Monthly phone calls to confirm refills, compliance, answer oxygen questions, and troubleshoot any equipment questions the patient might have

  • Yearly preventative maintenance on all oxygen concentrators

Oxygen Therapy related information